Cambridge v Anastasopoulos

Cambridge v Anastasopoulos

Cambridge v Anastasopoulos [2012] NSWCA 405

G&S Law Group acted for the Second Appellant in an appeal of proceedings which were originally determined in the District Court of NSW regarding whether a motorboat held by a repairer was held on bailment. Some of the issues relevant to the proceedings are:

1. whether possession taken on behalf of second respondent 

2. agreement that first and second respondents take possession of motorboat and quote for work 

3. first respondent took possession on behalf of second respondent pursuant to agreement 

4. Was second respondent liable as joint bailee

5. whether primary judge erred in admitting opinion as to value of motorboat 

6. opinion not shown to be based on specialised knowledge in turn based on training or experience 

7. assumptions on which opinion based not stated 

8. no explanation for reasons for conclusion as to value 

9. evidence should have been rejected

Link to the full case can be accessed below: